Overview of Mingri

Zhejiang Mingri Holdings Group Co., Ltd. is a state-owned enterprise dedicated to distribution of plastic raw materials. Founded in 1998 with only scores of people, Mingri now has developed into a leading plastic raw materials supply chain service provider in China and even for the world.

  • Time of establishment:1998
  • Registered address:Hangzhou, China
  • Trading volume: 9.2 million tons
  • Operating revenue: RMB 75 billion
  • Registered capital: RMB 4.2 million
  • Total assets:RMB 7.8 billion

With current annual sales volume over 9.2 million tons, Mingri continues to expand business areas, innovate business models, improve information/derivatives/ data/logistics services, and offer supply chain finance and other value-added services to our esteemed customer, to promote sustainable and healthy development of the plastic and chemical circulation industry.

Mingri is committed to serve the real economy, and to assist sustainable development of small and medium-sized enterprises. Having established close partnerships with more than 150 mainstream petrochemical and coal-chemical producers, Mingri has formed a nationwide plastic distribution network in China. And with the help of Singapore, Hong Kong, Houston and other foreign companies, Mingri is building a global distribution network. After 20 years development, Mingri earns a good business reputation and corporate image in the industry, and is awarded "AAA Credible Enterprise" by various financial institutions and different levels of administrations.

Mingri will continue focusing on digitalization, financialization and internationalization as our development strategy in the new era, strive to build a leading international service platform for plastic and chemical industry.

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