Engineering Plastics

Engineering plastics business is operated by our subsidiary, Zhejiang Mingri Heshun New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

Mingri Heshun was established in 2015 with a registered capital of 36 million yuan, main business as the distribution of specialty materials such as engineering plastics, specialty engineering plastics, specialty elastomers, additives, and high-performance polymers.

  • Time of establishment: 2015
  • Registered address: Hangzhou, China
  • Trading volume: 80000 tons
  • Operating revenue: RMB 1.7 billion
  • Registered capital: RMB 36 million
  • Total assets:RMB 190 million

At present, Heshun has become the authorized distributors in China for ExxonMobil Chemical Santoprene TM/ ExxelorTM/ ExactTM/ ExxproTM, INVISTA PA66, LG Chemical PC / Engineering Plastics / Carbon Nanotubes / TPEE, Saudi Aramco PA6 / PMMA, Samyang PC / TPEE, Japan DIC PPS / black masterbatch, Kuraray PA9T / LCP, Wanhua Chemical PC, Zhejiang Petrochemical PC, Zhonglan Guosu PC, British Galai organic black masterbatch, Chenggao PET, Sanfangxiang PET and other products .

Mingri Heshun fully uses its resources and professionalism to reach information symmetry for domestic and foreign customers.

  • Chairman of the Board: Li Qiang
  • General Manager: Mao Bo
  • Telephone: +86-0571-87661652, 87661653
  • Fax: 0571-87661740
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