Business Profile

Mingri is committed to trading and distribution of plastic raw materials. After more than 20 years of development, Mingri has developed into China's and even the world's leading plastic raw materials supply chain service enterprises.

  • General Plastics
    PE, PP, PVC, PS, ABS; EVA, Metallocene, elastomer and other special plastics
  • Engineering Plastics
    PC、PA、PMMA、POE、POM、PBT、PET、PPS、PPE、PEEK,special engineering plastics, auxiliaries, functional masterbatch, Color Masterbatch
  • General Chemicals
    Ethylene glycol, methanol, two ethylene glycol, xylene, styrene, PTA, rubber, chloroacetic acid resin, etc.
  • Plastic Film Products
    agricultural film, soft packaging products, plastic packaging materials, (degradable) modified plastic raw materials
  • Others
    cotton, pulp and corn, crude oil, fuel oil, LPG and asphalt,etc

Mingri offers value-added services like trading, finance, logistics, information and technology for plastics raw materials, liquid chemicals, engineering plastics and various other products.

With support from over 150 mainstream petrochemical producers, Mingri keeps an average annual growth rate of 25% in terms of volume since establishment with latest sales figure over 9.2 million.

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