Service System

Mingri continues to vigorously promote the construction of the supply chain service system of the plastic and chemical industry, providing upstream and downstream with information service, hedging service, data service, supply chain finance, logistics service and other value-added services.

Diversified Product Line

With various upstream resources, our product line covers general purpose plastics, specialty materials, engineering plastics, liquid chemicals, and fine chemical products.

Financial Derivatives Services

Thanks to our close cooperation with futures exchange and commodities brokers, we provide upstream suppliers and downstream customers with a variety of derivative-based pricing models like spot offering, basis trading, and insured pricing.

Information Services

We have established a systematic research and investment analysis system to offer customers consulting about macroeconomics, financial situation, plastics industry, market conditions, etc. We share research reports with the industry through our WeChat Official Accounts known as "Midou Information".

Supply Chain Finance Services

We have a 360-degree customer credit evaluation system, providing customers with tailor-made supply chain finance services.

Logistics Services

Cooperating with more than 400 warehouses and logistic companies at home and abroad, we have distribution centers at major plastic industry clusters in China,to ensure JIT (just in time) delivery.

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